Sprint 18 – We’re on fire!

Sprint 18 – We’re on fire!

September 14th, 2020

It’s been another two weeks since your last update and aside from being crashed into at the start of the sprint it’s been a great two weeks!

Lot’s done! another release out in the wild and ready to start a new sprint!

  1. Precursor
  2. Sprint 1 – The Foundations
  3. Sprint 2 – The ummm Foundations?
  4. Sprint 2 – Nerd Ramble
  5. Sprint 3 – Cooking with matches!
  6. Sprint 4 – Now We’re Cooking With Gas!
  7. Sprint 5 – Robot Uprising
  8. This Is Not the Sprint You’re Looking For
  9. Sprint 6 – That’s a Weird Looking Patronus
  10. Sprint 7 – Corona Stole My Title
  11. Sprint 8 – Adventure Time!
  12. Sprint 9 – Now In Technicolor
  13. Sprint 10 – Refinement
  14. Sprint 11 – Motion In The Ocean
  15. Alpha Release 1.0.3
  16. Sprint 12 – No Rest For The Wicked
  17. Alpha Release 1.0.4
  18. Sprint 13 – I Need a Break
  19. Alpha Release 1.0.5
  20. Sprint 14 – Just James Things
  21. Sprint 15 – Wearing My Heart On My Sleeve
  22. Alpha Release 1.0.6
  23. Sprint 16 – Warm Up
  24. Alpha Release 1.0.7
  25. Sprint 17 – Coffee’s back on the menu!
  26. Alpha Release 1.0.8
  27. Sprint 18 – We’re on fire!
  28. Sprint 19 – Slowly fast
  29. Sprint 20 – Let’s get Nerdy
  30. Alpha Release 1.0.9
  31. Sprint 21 – We’re back!
  32. Alpha Release 1.1.0
  33. Sprint 22 – You Look Cute Today
  34. Alpha Release 1.1.1
  35. Sprint 23 – Sausage Smuggler
  36. A SoSa Retrospective
  37. Sprint 25 – I am SoSa and don’t call me Shirley
  38. Sprint 26 – The best laid schemes of mice and men
  39. Sprint 27 – Vogue, Strike a Pose
  40. Sprint 28 – a New Hope
  41. I Couldn’t Think Of a Title
  42. Guess who’s back, Back again!
  43. Demolition Man
  44. Squid James
  46. We Didn’t Choose This Life, We’re Just Living In It
  47. Let’s go!

This happened

So this person responded to two emails, one from 2015 and one from 2014…

I don’t know why…

Someone responding to all my e-mails from 2014 and 2015...


Over the last year i’ve made a few attempts to contact the owner of sosa.co.uk, even going through GoDaddy broker and Nominet to get contact details! but despite a number of attempts we couldn’t get a response, so I left it.

Unusually, this sprint the owner of this domain reached out to me and offered to sell the domain and i’m pleased to announce I am the proud new owner!

Alpha Release 1.0.8

You can check out what’s included in this sprints alpha release here: https://blog.sosa.net/alpha-release-1-0-8/

Game Night

Witch it!

Next SoSa game night we will be playing Witch It!

Sunday 4th October 1900-2100 GMT / 1200-1400 PT / 1500-1700 ET

It’s time once again for Boob and belly physics and we delve into the world of WitchIt!

The game recently had an update and we had so much fun playing last time around figured it was time to play again!

Witch It is a multiplayer hide & seek game. Brave hunters seek hidden witches in a humorous, magical world.

Don’t have it? Don’t worry!

If you’re going to get involved and want a copy, Give me a shout and i’ll buy you a copy 🙂



LinkedIn grew from 635 to 674
Patreon, We stayed steady at 16 Patrons!
Our Beta List grew from 362 to 369

Our google stats

Our average search position has gotten a bit worse from 19.9 last sprint to 22.7 this sprint, our impressions are up from 1.53k to 1.71k and our click through rate has gone down from 3.3% to 2.3%!

Also oddly, this sprint our domain authority went down. Why? no idea…

Our moz stats


Permissions are remarkably boring but also incredibly useful, they’re the only defence between a mod banning you from your favourite social network (SoSa obviously) and you’re local corn fed troll!

Last sprint, I alluded to the fact I was working on these but as simple as it sounds “mod1 can do xyz action” a social network is a bit more complicated.

For a start, we have two different permission contexts 

– Global level (on the authentication / overlord platform) 


– Community level permissions

Obviously I want myself and certain mods to have complete control over the platform but at a community level, community owners should be able to control their own privileges and decide who they want to be in charge of their communities.

Not only that, I needed a way to link permissions to a user and whilst we will have per user permissions, I decided to start with a role system and link users to roles.

So this sprint I completed the “Global level” permissions! Next sprint I’ll work on community level permissions and look to integrate the two!

Preferences update when they happen!

Having come from a native android and iOS development background, I’m used to working a little bit differently than we’re expected to in React Native.

Until this sprint, when you changed your personal preferences it wouldn’t update the app immediately, it was a little janky. But now! you change a preference, leave the settings screen and BAM it’s there!


Welcome Screen

This one’s been a long time coming, when you sign up to SoSa, it’s important you get a username you want and so that we can confirm your e-mail address.

This sprint I built the welcome screen that allows you to confirm your username and e-mail address before being allowed into the community!

Showing off the welcome screen

That’s all for now folks! enjoy!