Alpha Release 1.0.9

Alpha Release 1.0.9

November 10th, 2020

Here’s a video to check out the app and all these changes in real time 🙂

Uploads / Embeds – First version

In chat, you can now upload an image and share it with chat, this works using amazon S3 and chat will now embed the image as well.

The interface is a little clunky right now, I’m going to clean this up over time!

Example of uploading an image

Meetups have multiple layers of comments

In a previous version, I introduced meetups with single level comments. This version i’ve added multiple levels to these, hopefully they look OK but not a major issue as I have a designer working on the overall design.

meetup comments at different levels

Fix – Meetup button being weird

In the last release, our when you pressed “Going” the meetup button would do something weird. I’ve fixed that this sprint (video showing off the original issue)

Fix – Navigation still slideable when in a screen that doesn’t have it

So this was an unusual one, but basically when you used swipe gestures on a screen that wasn’t showing the menu (showing a back button instead) and then click on a menu item.

The new screen would end up in an unusual state, eg chat would have Meetups header

I’ve fixed this now

Fix – iOS Keyboard overlapping chat input!

Exactly what it says on the tin, the keyboard was overlapping the input 🙂

Keyboard overlapping the text input