Sprint 16 – Warm Up

Sprint 16 – Warm Up

August 16th, 2020

Well well well, look who it is! That’s right… it’s you! You beautiful bastard!

How are you?

Oh! you want me to tell you about SoSa? Well why didn’t you say so!

You may remember my last update was a little melodramatic, well don’t worry I feel much better this sprint, I have managed to do some work on SoSa although the UK has been hotter than hell the last two weeks and as we don’t have air con I’ve nearly melted! So I probably haven’t achieved as much as I would like.

Omikone’s sausage Murphy is SoSa’s unofficial mascot

Before we get started on the updates, I want to say thank you to Peter and Gairo for becoming out latest patreons this sprint!

We’re now at 16 Patreons / $277 a month.

To put that into perspective that pays for one of the following every month:

– 3 achievements designed
– 0.5 day of outsourced dev time
– 1 day of the writers time
– 3 decent spec dedicated servers

  1. Precursor
  2. Sprint 1 – The Foundations
  3. Sprint 2 – The ummm Foundations?
  4. Sprint 2 – Nerd Ramble
  5. Sprint 3 – Cooking with matches!
  6. Sprint 4 – Now We’re Cooking With Gas!
  7. Sprint 5 – Robot Uprising
  8. This Is Not the Sprint You’re Looking For
  9. Sprint 6 – That’s a Weird Looking Patronus
  10. Sprint 7 – Corona Stole My Title
  11. Sprint 8 – Adventure Time!
  12. Sprint 9 – Now In Technicolor
  13. Sprint 10 – Refinement
  14. Sprint 11 – Motion In The Ocean
  15. Alpha Release 1.0.3
  16. Sprint 12 – No Rest For The Wicked
  17. Alpha Release 1.0.4
  18. Sprint 13 – I Need a Break
  19. Alpha Release 1.0.5
  20. Sprint 14 – Just James Things
  21. Sprint 15 – Wearing My Heart On My Sleeve
  22. Alpha Release 1.0.6
  23. Sprint 16 – Warm Up
  24. Alpha Release 1.0.7
  25. Sprint 17 – Coffee’s back on the menu!
  26. Alpha Release 1.0.8
  27. Sprint 18 – We’re on fire!
  28. Sprint 19 – Slowly fast
  29. Sprint 20 – Let’s get Nerdy
  30. Alpha Release 1.0.9
  31. Sprint 21 – We’re back!
  32. Alpha Release 1.1.0
  33. Sprint 22 – You Look Cute Today
  34. Alpha Release 1.1.1
  35. Sprint 23 – Sausage Smuggler
  36. A SoSa Retrospective
  37. Sprint 25 – I am SoSa and don’t call me Shirley
  38. Sprint 26 – The best laid schemes of mice and men
  39. Sprint 27 – Vogue, Strike a Pose
  40. Sprint 28 – a New Hope
  41. I Couldn’t Think Of a Title
  42. Guess who’s back, Back again!
  43. Demolition Man
  44. Squid James
  46. We Didn’t Choose This Life, We’re Just Living In It
  47. Let’s go!

Release 1.0.6

After a short break, i’m back to creating releases every sprint, this first one is a little small but we’ll pick up momentum with each sprint again 🙂

Read what was in Release 1.0.6

Game Night

Next SoSa game night we will be playing Among Us

Sunday 6th September 1900-2100 GMT / 1200-1400 PT / 1500-1700 ET

Work together as you attempt to prepare your spaceship for departure, but beware as one or more random players among the Crew are Impostors bent on killing everyone!

We’ve got limited slots so please only grab a ticket if you’re going to be involved!

Don’t have it? Don’t worry!

If you’re going to get involved and want a copy, Give me a shout and i’ll buy you a copy 🙂



LinkedIn grew from 552 to 585
Patreon, we gained an extra 2 Patrons! So we’re now at 16 Patrons!
Our Beta List grew from 338 to 344

Our average search position has improved from 22.5 last sprint to 21.5 this sprint, our impressions are down from 2k to 1.57k and our click through has stayed the same!

BotFace API

Tea Cutie Princess The Unstable is judging you
Tea Cutie Princess The Unstable is judging you

Last update I shared I had been working on BotFace, an API to generate bot faces! I had to do a lot of cleaning up, add some comments and also fix some performance issues with manipulating images in Javascript. 

But now I’m pleased to announce this sprint the API is now live and the source code can be found here.

I’ll make an accompanying website shortly but for the minute the app is using these instead of the original icons we were using

Bot2 has the worst disguise ever

Meetups and Comments

So again, last sprint you saw that i’d worked on the meetups area, well this sprint i’ve done some work on the inner meetups screen as well as the comments handler.

This isn’t linked to a backend at the moment but most of the core layout is functional

Bots are well known for their love of meat

Menu clean up

Now that i’m adding new areas, I felt it was time to clean up the menu a little bit, nothing major but brings it more in line with the overall aesthetic

Well that’s all folks for this update! i’m starting to pick up momentum again so expect to see a bigger update with each sprint 🙂