Sprint 12 – No Rest For The Wicked

Sprint 12 – No Rest For The Wicked

June 21st, 2020
  1. Precursor
  2. Sprint 1 – The Foundations
  3. Sprint 2 – The ummm Foundations?
  4. Sprint 2 – Nerd Ramble
  5. Sprint 3 – Cooking with matches!
  6. Sprint 4 – Now We’re Cooking With Gas!
  7. Sprint 5 – Robot Uprising
  8. This Is Not the Sprint You’re Looking For
  9. Sprint 6 – That’s a Weird Looking Patronus
  10. Sprint 7 – Corona Stole My Title
  11. Sprint 8 – Adventure Time!
  12. Sprint 9 – Now In Technicolor
  13. Sprint 10 – Refinement
  14. Sprint 11 – Motion In The Ocean
  15. Alpha Release 1.0.3
  16. Sprint 12 – No Rest For The Wicked
  17. Alpha Release 1.0.4
  18. Sprint 13 – I Need a Break
  19. Alpha Release 1.0.5
  20. Sprint 14 – Just James Things
  21. Sprint 15 – Wearing My Heart On My Sleeve
  22. Alpha Release 1.0.6
  23. Sprint 16 – Warm Up
  24. Alpha Release 1.0.7
  25. Sprint 17 – Coffee’s back on the menu!
  26. Alpha Release 1.0.8
  27. Sprint 18 – We’re on fire!
  28. Sprint 19 – Slowly fast
  29. Sprint 20 – Let’s get Nerdy
  30. Alpha Release 1.0.9
  31. Sprint 21 – We’re back!
  32. Alpha Release 1.1.0
  33. Sprint 22 – You Look Cute Today
  34. Alpha Release 1.1.1
  35. Sprint 23 – Sausage Smuggler
  36. A SoSa Retrospective
  37. Sprint 25 – I am SoSa and don’t call me Shirley
  38. Sprint 26 – The best laid schemes of mice and men
  39. Sprint 27 – Vogue, Strike a Pose
  40. Sprint 28 – a New Hope
  41. I Couldn’t Think Of a Title
  42. Guess who’s back, Back again!
  43. Demolition Man
  44. Squid James
  46. We Didn’t Choose This Life, We’re Just Living In It
  47. Let’s go!

Another awesome sprint! so much has changed, it’s hard to keep up!

Before we get started, a reminder that this Sunday (28th June) we’re playing Among Us for game night

You can get a ticket here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/sosa-plays-among-us-tickets-108609297332?ref=estw

Game Night Video

A short one this time, it’s the second part of our jackbox game night video, It’s only about 6 minutes long but I think it’s a great 6 minutes! I hope you enjoy 🙂

Game Night

It’s time once again for Boob and belly physics and we delve into the world of WitchIt!

The game recently had an update and we had so much fun playing last time around figured it was time to play again!

Witch It is a multiplayer hide & seek game. Brave hunters seek hidden witches in a humorous, magical world.

Grab a ticket here:


Don’t have the game?

Just give me a shout and i’ll happily buy you a copy 🙂

Release 1.0.3

That’s right! we’re at alpha release 1.0.3, because these are becoming more frequent now i’m going to create a separate article with all the features and bugs that are part of the release.

You can read that here: https://blog.sosa.net/alpha-release-1-0-3/


We’re moving so quickly with the app, I thought it was a good time to get started on the website too, and build everything together.

This sprint, I decided that i’m going to use VueJS to build the website and started developing it.

I managed to implement login and registration but nothing beyond that at this point 🙂

Twitter Login

This was a pain in the ass to be honest, Twitter use an old version of Oauth and because I’m trying to avoid other people’s libraries unless necessary –  it was very painful to implement but we got there! and now Twitter OAuth works!

This should join the app in release 1.0.4


So much movement on the stats front this sprint!

Our general Google position is down, but our name is now appearing in result which is a huge change!

Beta team went from 296 to 311, although I may need to prune that soon as a large number of people in the beta list won’t tell me if they’re iOS or Android…

LinkedIn followers grew from 352 to 409

We also gained 1 Patreon! Thanks David! 🥳