Alpha Release 1.0.8

Alpha Release 1.0.8

September 14th, 2020

I’ve started making videos each release, I might get fancier with them next update but for now I thought I’d keep it simple – the write up below gives much more information!

Welcome Screen

This one’s been a long time coming, when you sign up to SoSa, it’s important you get a username you want and so that we can confirm your e-mail address.

This sprint I built the welcome screen that allows you to confirm your username and e-mail address before being allowed into the community!

New welcome screen

Sidebar changes

Firstly, a few Alpha testers brought up that they didn’t like the blue. I think it was left over from me testing so wasn’t a major issue to change.

Difference between the two side bars

I tried a few different colours with their feedback and settled on a lighter grey to keep it consistent with the colour scheme but make it stand out from other components.

Tester saying they have fat fingers

Apparently one of my testers has fat fingers, I know him irl, he doesn’t. But I’m not going to question his inability to press buttons so I put them further apart!

Meetup back button

It’s the little things in life that make a big difference, and apparently a back button is one of those things!

Last release you had to build

Showing the back button at the top of the screen

Confusing Settings

In the last release, for chat we had the ability to add separators to messages and if that was enabled you could then make them slim.

The problem was, this was confusing and the slim setting wasn’t obvious without a ruler.

So now i’ve made the settings separate – you don’t need separators on to make the messages slimmer.

Showing the old settings vs the new settings

Bug Fixes

  • Warning when opening the user list
    this mainly happened in the development environment but whenever you would open the User List it would show a little warning saying there wasn’t a unique key for the prop. This has now been fixed!
  • Error when registration fails
    When registration was failing, it was failing silently, now it shows a message with the error
  • iOS bugs

There were two reported bugs, Pressing “Going” on a meetup wasn’t working and when you log out and log back in it wouldn’t let you. I tested both of these and couldn’t reproduce on iOS 13.5.

I’m assuming they were internet related, which i’ll address when we’re closer to beta.