Development Blog: Week 31

Development Blog: Week 31

November 6th, 2017

I’ve done my best this week to get as much of the iPhone app finished as possible, it’s very close i’m cleaning up and testing now. It’s got more features than I intended to release with including messaging, push notifications, discussions and will have basic profiles.

Website / General

  • Upgraded push notifications code to latest version
  • Continued with chat 2.0

Android App (2.84)

  • Fixed pm issue with receiving your own message
  • Fixed refresh button on conversations screen
  • Tweaked notifications users receive
  • Changed logic when responding from desktop, it’ll now clear “unread” message for that conversation on your phone
  • Now clears notifications when viewing PM’s
  • Fixed “Wifi only” setting in chat
  • Fixed meetups “button” bug on the homescreen
  • Yelled at TheSire some more

iPhone App (Unreleased)

  • Cleaned up menu system
  • Cleaned up chat
  • Added links / actions in chat
  • Added user context menus (view profile / slap / mention)
  • Added PM’s button to top right
  • Cleaned up layouts
  • Cleaned up login
  • Tested Social logins
  • Added profile photos in discussions and PM’s