SoSa: Now on iPhone and iPad!

SoSa: Now on iPhone and iPad!

November 25th, 2017

After years of forging inside the depths of Mordor the iPhone app is finally here! 

As you know it’s past has been a troubled one, whilst we had an Android app in 2014 it’s taken years to bring the iPhone app to the table.

TL;DR: App doesn’t have all the features but a lot

There are two ways to get it:

  1. Either visit the App Store and search “SoSa” (this helps us the most)
  2. Download by clicking:

Some History

I started making it myself, then because I was so busy I hired someone – which didn’t work out. Then a year later, I reached out to hire someone again, who was meant to be TheSire but as we know he barely even knows how to use a computer much less build an app.

About a two months ago, following a failed Xamarin app I was in a pickle and had an app to finish – that’s when I discovered how versatile Phonegap was, how quick it was to develop with and equally surprised about how well it runs on iOS. So I started building the app using that.

That is what I present to you today, in all it’s glory!

What’s it got?

It’s not 100% complete, The website is about to get a complete overhaul and based on how easy it is to work with Phonegap i’m going to use it as a platform for testing some newer features and true up the vision for SoSa.

For now it has the following core features:

  • Chat
  • Private messaging
  • Discussions
  • Meetups
  • Basic Profiles
  • Push notifications

What’s coming before the end of the year?

  • Subscription features (colours, who’s viewed me)
  • Uploads – to share pictures and things
  • Camera integration
  • Notifications
  • Getting Started screens / tutorials
  • Sexychat – hopefully (depends on Apple!)