SoSa Plays – Prop Hunt

SoSa Plays – Prop Hunt

November 26th, 2017

Hi SoSa friends, and welcome to another new gaming video for your viewing pleasure.

This week we are blessing you with the highlight footage from our Prop Hunt highlights video. This game is played through Team Fortress 2 and is basically a next level game of hide and go seek. Half the team is assigned to be a prop, while the other half of the team must locate said props and kill them. *evil laughter* Most people choose a flame thrower to burn the props down, but other weapons are available as well.

Click here to watch the video on YouTube.

As always, prop hunt is great fun, but playing with us is even more fun! We sang, cracked jokes, trolled and taunted each other, moaned, and just had some great moments. Below we see a picture of TheSire and CowsGoMooALot, trying to hide as a cow cut out, right behind another cow cut out.

Check out this other picture of us hiding near some explosive pumpkins. And yes, there is a consequence to hitting the pumpkin too closely as a seeker. The hint is totally in the name. Explosive pumpkins. Some of us can’t resist hitting them anyways and it is just sheer hilarity. Witness this dead body, I wonder who it could be?

Join us this coming Sunday to play Garry’s Mod with us by clicking right here. We will be playing the Murder mode, and if you find that intimidating, just look at this video of us playing it in the past and laugh at our foolish ways. Yes, it’s a video game, not actual murder!

As always, we provide you with the names of the people who have played with us, for you stalking pleasure: