SoSa Plays – Tabletop Simulator Cyanide & Happiness

SoSa Plays – Tabletop Simulator Cyanide & Happiness

November 30th, 2017

Hi again SoSa friends and welcome to another gaming blog post!

This week we shower you with our longplay Tabletop Simulator footage that was hosted by our dear friend Orangebolt222 who does an excellent job teaching our innocent members how to play these dirty dirty games. (Hint hint: Lets do a D&D style game, please!)

Click here to see this week’s video.

If you have never played with Tabletop Simulator, it is essentially a sandbox that allows you to create or play any tabletop game. To begin we started off playing a Cyanide & Happiness card game, followed by some Dominoes and Uno afterwards. Dominoes and Uno are pretty self explanatory, and Cyanide & Happiness is basically the comic version of Cards Against Humanity where the funniest card to complete a cartoon caption is chosen as the winner.
Pictured below we have an example of the Cyanide & Happiness board with a player hovering over a potential winning card.

And here we have a picture of our mature members not drawing penises all over the playing board as they play Dominoes. Thank you for expressing your inner artistic side. But seriously, this picture isn’t safe for work, don’t open it bigger unless you know your boss isn’t around.

As always, we had an enjoyable time cracking jokes and trying to beat each other at being the best board gamer of all time.

Join us this coming Sunday and play Teeworlds! (a free adorable fast-paced pew pew game)

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