SoSa Plays – Golf With Your Friends Longplay

SoSa Plays – Golf With Your Friends Longplay

November 9th, 2017

Hi again friends!

This week we are showing you longplay footage from our Golf With Your Friends meetup video. We always have a great time trying to win against fellow SoSa members, while making totally inappropriate golfing jokes.

Click here to see the footage from the meetup.

There are many great golf games out there, but we always come back to play Golf With Your Friends. Why? Because they allow users to customize certain features and you can just hear the disappointment in everyone’s voices when we mess with gravity or make the ground super bouncy. The higher the score in golf, the better right?

We played the “Forest” and “Oasis” maps for this video. For the first round we just used the basic settings and had a quick game in the Forest map. Here is an example of some colourful balls trying to score. (Yes – I realize all the innuendos but this is golf, so it’s better they’re acknowledged now, otherwise you’re in for a hilarious surprise while watching the video)

“I’m going to make it to the hole for the first time ever!” “You’re talking about the game right?”

“Ooh I got her right in the eye!” See – the video is full of them as well!

For the second round, we really fucked shit up fam, and turned on all the crazy settings that drive our users absolutely crazy. Hear their frustrations as they attempt to sink acorns, cubes, isospheres, stars, cones, pucks and cylinders. If seeing a star jumping with a little life buoy doesn’t sell you on playing the game, I don’t know what will.

Speaking of playing the game, that is the exact game we will be playing this Sunday! RSVP here to join in on the fun

Who played with us today: