Development Blog: Week 6 – 29

Development Blog: Week 6 – 29

October 21st, 2017

Evening everyone 🙂

This post is well over due, I got a little overwhelmed.

I have a day job and that coupled with closing my business, picking up left over projects and a string of server emergencies meant working on SoSa has been very difficult.

Things are back on track now and I thought it was best to try and summarise all the changes that happened the last few months, then from next week you’ll see weekly updates again 🙂

Website / General

  • Re-branded from Social Savanna to SoSa
  • Re-branded Facebook, Twitter and our Youtube channel
  • Re-built homepage to have “live feed” of chat, show discussions and generally make it clearer what the site is about.
  • Created e-mails for new domain, [email protected][email protected], [email protected], [email protected]
  • Huge overhaul of the socket server, PM’s and notifications should come through without interruption now.
  • Built and integrated new API service for apps
  • Introduced lock / key security mechanism for devices (to help prevent hijacking of sessions)
  • Rebuilt chat server and added redundancy
  • Built redundancy server for the main site
  • Added more “banned” keywords to giphy
  • Introduced “NSFK” (not safe for kevin) tag
  • Started new socket based chat server to move away from XMPP server and allow better scaling and more integrated features
  • Started new dashboard layout

Android App

  • Deleted half the code base
  • Fixed issue with blank screen
  • Added chat embeds
  • Moved Chat settings to their own screen
  • Added Dark theme
  • Created sync mechanism for configuration between app and server
  • Fixed 4/172 of Danda’s bugs list
  • Fixed logins
  • Secured login system
  • Added next meetup to the homescreen and removed feed
  • General clean up

iOS (Not live)

  • Rebuilt in Phonegap to speed up development
  • Created logins
  • Created homescreen  (with next meetup)
  • Created Private messaging
  • Created Discussions
  • Added commenting
  • Created Chat
  • Implemented multiple rooms
  • Implemented Commands + user menu
  • Implemented notifications
  • Started Settings screen