SoSa Plays – Death Run (Long play video)

SoSa Plays – Death Run (Long play video)

October 24th, 2017

Hello boys and girls!

Welcome back to the new and improved SoSa blog. We will be posting weekly blurbs about our gaming videos, along with the gaming videos themselves for your enjoyment. The videos will be selected by @umbrena who can be persuaded with cookies in order to post the videos you’ve just been waiting for!

To begin, we have selected to shower you with the full footage of our Team Fortress 2 Death run video. We had oodles of fun as the SoSa crew had to try and pass obstacles that were triggered by the ‘death’ of the round.

Clicky here for the video

For those of you who have never had the pleasure of playing Team Fortress Deathrun before, basically a team of people try to beat a set amount of obstacles which are set off by a player randomly selected by the game to be ‘death’.

Above we have an example of some noobs trying to cross a lava pit on a steel beam (can lava melt steel beams?)

Below, we have an example of a Brit taking a train, with the faint outline of death in the middle (can you spot his outline in light blue?)

And finally we have an example of death waiting to set off a trap, for an unsuspecting runner.

Watch the video to hear our lovely voices as we play some Team Fortress 2. There are plenty of hilarious moments as we try different strategies, in order to beat death and make it further than our members.

Click on the profiles of our sexy members who participated in today’s event here (I’ve made stalking them super easy please appreciate my beautiful skills which I am offering you):

JayJay, umbrena, Danda, FrostByteUK, Sieldir, CrhonamO, slimySumoCow, kav