SoSa Plays – Insurgency (Highlights)

SoSa Plays – Insurgency (Highlights)

November 2nd, 2017

Hi again SoSa friends,

Welcome to a new blog post where we show off highlights from our gaming meetup. If you don’t already know, our weekly meetups take place on Sundays and we try to include a variety of games as we understand that different people like different games. That being said, this week we have decided to feature the highlights from our Insurgency meetup.

Click here in order to see the YouTube video.

Insurgency is another run-of-the-mill first person tactical shooter game that differentiates itself by instantly killing your opponent with one shot to the head, no matter the gun. Here we have an example of a shooter zooming in with their scope, enemy in the middle and teammate on the left.

We got together to take out our frustrations by fighting enemies. Not only fighting by shooting them the dignified way, but with a hilarious, perfectly timed butt shot.  Below you can see the butt in question, in the crosshairs right before the firing begins. Literally, look at this shit. I have so many questions about this. Why is there a Canadian supporting this? Why did no one teabag the butt after the kill took place? (Yes, thank you I now know that I’ve been teabagging wrong this whole time) Either way, props to getting the bad guy.

Watch the video and be entertained by our shooting skills and many more fails. We’re always open to suggestions for trying new games for our weekly meetups as well. Send a message to umbrena for future meetup ideas. Join us this coming Sunday and play Star Wars Battlefront 2 with us.


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