We got through! Also Kickstarter and Games!

We got through! Also Kickstarter and Games!

May 28th, 2016

We did it!

Last week, I asked you all to vote for us in the VOOM competition.

Well guess what? We’re through! and now in just a few days, I get to pitch to

Peter Kelly (MD of Virgin Media Business),
Andy Fishburn (Head of Investment at Virgin),
Julie Deane (Founder of the Cambridge Satchel Company)
and two of 21 business leaders, entrepreneurs and professionals.

I honestly couldn’t be happier so if you voted, thank you so much.

Would you Kickstart us?

We’re thinking about a Kickstarter, would you pledge? let me know! https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/3NYHYD2
(it’s only 2 questions don’t worry)I need your vote! Voting ends in just a few days and without it we won’t get through to the next round.

Game servers!

The game section of the site is now live! We have 4 game servers live at the moment and more will be launched before the weekend is out!

Just log in and go to the menu (top left) or click here

The dedicated game servers will be a subscriber only feature, but until 10th of June it’s free.

We will be launching some free for all social games soon in the same area.

But James, I don’t have any money!

You don’t need money, thanks to our credit system 🙂 You can earn credits just by being active on the site.

Or you can take surveys etc which will give you more credits. We tried it out and were able get enough credits for an entire month just through a few surveys.

I’ll let you all know next week how I get on with the competition and fingers crossed we’ll be through to the third round!.