Development Blog: Week 5

Development Blog: Week 5

May 7th, 2017

A bit more this week, I made some head way on the voice chat so expect more from that in the coming weeks :)


  • Made chat scroll to bottom on refocus
  • Adjusted scroll needed for it to lock
  • Fixed issue with images over 2mb not uploading
  • Investigated IPV6 issue (not yet fixed)


  • Working through voice chat, stopped for now because provider requires several bloaty third party libraries to provision streams. Will create separate voice / video provisioning server!
  • Replaced SSL certificates
  • In chat, when typing a command that doesn’t exist (such as /cuddles @TheBritishAreComing) it now acts like you’ve typed /me
  • Added “New messages indicator” when you’re scrolled, when you click it – it scrolls you to the bottom