Welcome To The Team Umbrena

Welcome To The Team Umbrena

January 1st, 2017

Most of you should know her already, Umbrena is a staple of a healthy SoSa diet and we’ve decided to give her a job!

Over the next few months, you will see Ena causing trouble on Twitter, Instragram and Youtube as she helps us to grow Social Savanna.


Look what I have to deal with when she’s been on twitter

Originally from Sarajevo, Ena has lived in Germany, Toronto and now lives in Montreal, Canada, Almost since day 1, Ena has been a very active member of the Social Savanna community and can often be seen causing mischief in genchat, our gaming nights or trying to encourage a riot where possible.

You’ll sometimes even see her sharing her adorable cat Viko with the community

Her cat: Viko!

Ena loves to travel and really hopes to see Japan next but isn’t great with long flights.

She enjoys, swimming, gaming, laughing (???), singing and binge watch Netflix/HBO shows.

Ena loves poutine.

So join me in welcoming Ena to the team!