SoSa Plays – Team Fortress 2 Prop Hunt

SoSa Plays – Team Fortress 2 Prop Hunt

January 12th, 2018

Hi SoSa friends and welcome to another week of gaming!

This is the long play video of our steam Team Fortress 2 Prop Hunt session. Seriously, there was moaning and even an exert on Facebook about it, including the steamy music, if you dare search for it.

Click here to see the YouTube video.

If you are sitting there wondering why on earth people hunt props, we have got the answer for you.  These are bad people posing as inanimate objects who taunt the crap out of seekers. In turn, the seekers must locate these props and…murder them. Each round we take turns, and the seekers become the hiders.

Check out this badass overhead shot as the seekers look for props with their flame throwers.

The great part about us switching games is, no one really gets familiar with the maps and we are unsure of where to begin looking for objects. Check out  the picture below, with the person posing as this set of yellow barrels, located right next to the spawn. Notice the giant no entry sign, and the seeker trying to fire on the object right behind them.

This coming Sunday we will be playing a free game we have never tried before. It’s called “Long Live Santa” and it’s a battle-royale type game like Player Unknown’s Battle Grounds, or Fortnite Battle Royale but on a much smaller scale. Basically, Santa has died and the members of SoSa must battle it out to see who will be the next Santa. RSVP here to join in on the fun.

As always, we have included the names of the users who participated in our game night for your stalking pleasure below: