SoSa Credits

SoSa Credits

March 7th, 2016

A little while back I spoke to some members about introducing credits on Social Savanna.
Something that would let you give back to the community and something that would reward you for amazing comments, discussions etc.

Also as a way for those who can’t afford a subscription to still be able to support the site and get extra goodies!
Well, today I would like to introduce, SoSa Credits!

What the heck are SoSa Credits?

It’s a virtual currency that you can exchange subscriptions, gift other members and use to reward people for being awesome.


You want some huh? Just login and to
You can earn credits by taking surveys, installing apps, watching videos etc as well as being active on the site either in chat or discussions. 2016-03-07 09-53-55

What’s in it for me?

At the moment, you can exchange the credits for subscriptions (25 credits = 1 day of Pro) but we’re working with a few companies which will allow you to convert your credits into real world goodies, vouchers, subscription boxes etc. 2016-03-07 09-54-54

Okay, great but what about Social Savanna?

We get paid by the advertiser / company when you fill out an offer, take a survey, install an app etc to help support development, hosting and management of the site and app.

Aside from money. If you chat, create discussions or comment on discussions this helps the community grow and makes the site far more useful to everyone 🙂


I’ve always loved on reddit that if you saw a though provoking or quality comment, you could reward that person with something extra. Something more like a thumbs up.
So we’ve done the same on Social Savanna! If you have credits then you can guild a comment and soon we’ll expand it to discussions and even chat. 2016-03-07 09-57-58

Community Pledge

But wait, there’s more! You can also contribute directly to the rest of the community!
When you do a community pledge, everyone who has been active on the site in the last 5 minutes will get a share of the credits.

EG: If you donate $10 and there are 10 people active on the site then they will all receive 100 credits each. 2016-03-07 09-54-09


How do I see many balance?

Either visit the credits screen (accessible via the menu) or just click the menu in the top left 🙂 2016-03-05 23-56-01


So what are you waiting for? Go support your glorious community 🙂

-James (TheBritishAreComing)

PS: The Android app will be updated this week as well with credit support and a load of bug fixes, iPhone – we’re still waiting for Apples approval of the app.