Two years of connecting people

Two years of connecting people

February 28th, 2016

It’s crazy to think that I launched Social Savanna 2 years ago as a way of bringing imgurians together.
In those 2 years over 80,000 of you have used the site or app to chat, meet and play with people all over the world! 
2 years on we’re not just for the imgur community and we’re still growing!

It’s hard to describe how amazing it is to chat, play and even meet with each of you.
Every day you make me laugh, sometimes cry (but not because I’m cutting onions) and even question my sanity for opening Social Savanna!

Sexy Stats


Just the beginning!

In the next 6 months we will launch a community pledge, iPhone app, finish our dedicated gaming network, a new interface and introduce web based games!

Can you imagine what the next 2 years will bring?

If you’ve been part of the community, thank you so much you’re awesome.
If you’re new, I can’t wait to see you 🙂

Some Highlights

(London, UK Meetup 2015)

(Halloween Competition PT1,PT2)

(Secret Santa 2015)

(Our Minecraft Server)

James (TheBritishAreComing)