Introducing – SoSa Dating

Introducing – SoSa Dating

April 1st, 2018

You read the title correctly. After 4 long years of you begging and tormenting me, I have finally caved and made SoSa a dating site.

But this of course isn’t any normal dating site. OH NO! this is a dating site made for a community that hasn’t dated for 4 years, a community that is so full of love and desires that we must filter that into something more. 

I have used very scientific methods to match you

How does it work? 

Let’s get things straight – I have no idea how to make a dating site, but it seemed to me that married couples are so filled with anger for each other that dating sites were doing it all wrong. We shouldn’t be working up to 100% match, instead – I’ve assumed everyone is a 100% match and it can only go down hill from there!

The more you match and engage with people, the less in love you become which eventually leads to marriage. 

As the great Michael Corleone said in the God Father, keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.

Not knowing how dating sites work, I wasn’t sure where we should start this downward descent.

Then it came to me.

The most obvious place to start are your usernames! everyone seems to have the same 25 letters in common. Weird.
So i went about making a matching algorithm that matched these fascinating letters.

But I didn’t stop there, I started comparing your profiles with literally every other member.

Checking your age against the very scientific divide by 2 and add 7 rule, then I checked to see if you have similar interests and even if you’re the same species!

Next up, chat and private messages! if you’ve ever mentioned another member or pm’ed them – that brings you closer to marital bliss.

To wrap up – I throw in a bunch of random numbers and tada! you’re matched with fellow SoSa members.

That’s great James, you’re clearly a very distinguished scientist, but….

How do I get to see all my matches and competitors?

Easy. Just visit either your profile or theirs.



So what do Married members get?

Well aside from bragging rights – you get to use the /rainbow command in chat 

  • If one of you have a subscription – you both get a subscription!
  • You will get all of each others notifications

And of course, just by looking at your profile. Other members can be jealous that you’ve found someone as terrible as you.

I really hope you all enjoy these additions to the website, the apps will be updated across the next two weeks as well with multiple chat rooms, fixed image uploading, image uploading in PM’s and image uploading in the iPhone app as well as a bunch of fixes that have been long over due.

I think we can all agree, teabot and I make a beautiful couple!