Halloween OC Competition, Movember and Secret Santa

Halloween OC Competition, Movember and Secret Santa

October 28th, 2014

Social Savanna

Hey everyone, how are you?

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Halloween Competition

Halloween Competition

This is super simple! All you need to do is:

*          Make your scariest halloween picture in MSPaint (no Photoshop – we’ll know by the pixels!)

*          Submit your picture to the gallery on Imgur with the tag, “Spooky Savanna” (or you can include it in the picture)

*          Send a link to the post via PM to TheBritishAreComing or by email to [email protected].

The three posts with the most upvotes (doesn’t have to leave “user sub”) before 23:59  Friday 31st October EDT, will win a year’s free premium subscription to Social Savanna.


Your submission must be OC and must be your own work.

My submission (and instructions) are here.




Movember is coming up at the end of this week.

We want to support the movement by highlighting profiles and providing a place where you guys can put your Movember donation link.

If you have any suggestions, let us know here. We hope you’ll join us in this worthy and fun cause. 🙂


Secret Santa

Secret Santa

Last, but not least, we’re looking at ways of doing a Secret Santa for all those interested (in a way that’s safe). If you’re interested in joining in, just send an email with your Imgur username to [email protected].



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Much love and kisses and things. 🙂