Yeee5 – June Member Of The Month

Yeee5 – June Member Of The Month

June 22nd, 2016

In West Philadelphia, born and raised, SoSa is where @Yeee5 spends most of his days 🙂

He can often be seen in chat welcoming new members, giving his insight on serious topics, throwing in the occasional funny, and is always up for a discussion. It is said that an old smoking pipe and an armchair are essential for the process.

With his work based around protecting the elders of his tribe, he guards and supports them with the love and care that only a @Yeee5 could.

When he’s not being a real life superhero, Peter enjoys the many delights of games, both on the screen and on the table.

Peter in his signature chair

Peter in his signature chair

With an impressive play time in Smite and a climbing one in Overwatch, his digital gaming needs are satisfied. Magic: The Gathering is the physical game of choice when a calmer play style is needed.

To further demonstrate Peter’s kindness, when asked what he would do with $100,000, he replied that he would use the money to achieve two things. The first would be to invest, to grow his fortune in order to further the ability of the second, which would be to travel, and meet the various friends he has made on Social Savanna.

Peter pwning noobs in overwatch

Peter pwning noobs in overwatch

He also aspires to travel to Germany, to visit the hometown of a close friend that he sadly recently lost.

Music is important to a lot of us, and Peter takes his seriously. Boasting a spectrum of knowledge and interests, including pop, hip-hop, punk rock, and rap rock, we could all take inspiration from his music library.

Such favourites include Alkaline Trio, Taylor Swift, Hilltop Hoods, MC Chris, and, of course, Hollywood Undead (incidentally, this happens to be his top 5, in order). His favourite song, however, is The World Spins Madly On by The Weepies.

Any man who enjoys Taylor Swift and contributes to our community, the way Peter does, deserves to be appreciated.

Congratulations to Peter for achieving our first member spotlight.

We love you! and as a thank you, you’ll be getting 1000 shiny Social Savanna credits and a Social Savanna hoodie:)

Peter's glorious new hoodie

Peter’s glorious new hoodie