Thilarim – July Member Of The Month

Thilarim – July Member Of The Month

July 31st, 2016

This month’s Member Spotlight goes to @Thilarim, aka Jelle, the best there ever was.

Jelle is funny, kind, and always enjoyable to talk to. He brings life whenever he logs on with his tacklehugs, fish slapping, and endless musical references.



Having only joined in May he has quickly become a well known and solid pillar of Social Savanna.

Hailing from Brussels, he brings the politeness and helpfulness that Belgians are known for and is regularly both funny and charming.


Some of Thilarim’s charm on display

Jelle’s interests span a wide variety, including music, video games, and cooking; offering tips and discussing recipes with members and appreciating the magic of pizza. (The pizzarito technique is used, where you roll the uncut pizza into a burrito.)

When he’s not cooking 5 star meals or scratching his ska music itch, Jelle likes to spend his time being a Pokémon Master. Having played the series from the beginning, he knows the ins and outs, the tricks, and the secrets to the saga.

A sign of popularity is nicknames and pet names. Jelle does not lack for these, having been called, among others; “Jelly”, “Jellybaby”, “Jellyfish”, “Bromeo”, “KY Jelle”, and of course “Jelle Submarine”.

He also has one of the coolest tattoos known to man. Thanks for being awesome, @Thilarim, Social Savanna is lucky to have you!

Congratulations on being our member of the month Jelle.

As a thank you, you’ll be getting 1000 shiny Social Savanna credits and a Social Savanna T-shirt 😀