Update Week 2, Let’s talk!

Update Week 2, Let’s talk!

October 12th, 2015

Since the start, you’ve been asking for a forum on the site.

Starting with adding the questions area we quickly realised that most of you want to have more meaningful discussions with each other.
Discussions that can’t be limited to a 140 character question.

The chat rooms aren’t for everyone, often fast paced and more often than not make absolutely no sense.
Seriously, sometimes we watch chat and wonder if it’s even real life.

So having listened to your feedback, we have extended the questions area to allow for much more diverse, interesting and meaningful discussions.

There is still some work to go in this area, so it might be a bit slow to start but don’t worry there are more updates coming in the next month which will tie and expose all areas of the site more.

Click here to get started 🙂

Next up – Android App updates!