This Week On SoSa

This Week On SoSa

April 19th, 2017

Alright guys!

So, welcome to the first ever ‘This Week on SoSa’ blog, where I will publicly shame you for the mistakes/typos you have made over the last week. I will also include screenshots of funnies you made (as well as puns – no matter how much I hate them). This blog post will happen every Tuesday, so stay tuned.

This week has been a little hectic with the introduction of dark chat, where we included a toggle for people to switch between dark chat/light chat. Funny chaos ensued when we had the battles of the new font colours.



Occasionally the mods like to troll members of the community:


Our puns for the week:



No one is safe from our screencaps, even me:



Sometimes we have cool moments when the community comes together for a sing along. We had a few this week.

The ladies got together to sing Chicago the musical, while the boys sang Green Day.




And finally, to conclude this week we will include a funny .gif made by our very own @Kisi

If you collect any funny screenshots, PM them to @umbrena and I will try my best to include them in the blog post.

Thank you, guys.

Stay awesome!