Gaming With SoSa

Gaming With SoSa

April 20th, 2017


This is the first post in a weekly blog we’re introducing: weekly gaming on Social Savanna! In this segment you will find screenshots and videos of that week’s community gaming goodness. As we grow and introduce more gaming servers, you will be seeing more and more content appear here!

What better way to start this blog than the reopening of our minecraft server?! Click this link to sync your IP and gain access to the game!






Our server was immediately populated by some impressive builds (far away from the spawn area, so plenty of empty building space left) and even our very own multi-tiered maze!

GamingWithSoSa5 GamingWithSoSa6

Here’s a snippet from an upcoming video (which can be found on our YouTube channel once published) of our Golf With Your Friends game night. In this video, SergeantKnickerlessArseWipe has found herself stuck behind the intended path. As an acorn, she cannot go anywhere without going out-of-bounds.

And finally, please enjoy this (genuinely candid) video of SlimySumoCow, another member, casually sailing along a dirt path in a boat…

That’s it for this week, check out my next post on Thursday!