SoSa Plays – Tabletop Simulator Long Play

SoSa Plays – Tabletop Simulator Long Play

January 25th, 2018

Hello SoSa friends and welcome to another gaming meetup video! Today we will be showing you the long play video of our Tabletop Simulator meetup. We played Tabletop Simulator as well last Sunday, so it would only be fitting to show you the video you have been waiting for (only since this summer! Hehe)

Click the link here to check out the YouTube video.

Tabletop Simulator is a sandbox which allows us to play any game you could potentially be playing with your friends around a table and is very versatile for fun board and card games. For this meetup we chose to play Epic Spell Wars. Epic Spells Wars is a blast-battle between you and your opponent wizard – where you must win the last wizard standing token twice, to win the match.


To see what we are talking about, look at this screenshot with the kind of crazy stuff our wizards can cast on their opponents.

Here is what the full game play board looks like. Hey look, I think this is the first time there weren’t penis’s drawn all over the board!


Join us this coming Sunday, where we will be playing Unturned. A bunch of us trying to survive against each other and zombies? What could go wrong? RSVP here to join in on the fun and click this link in order to see a previous meetup video of us playing it.

As always we have included the names of the people who joined us for this meetup for your stalking pleasure. Clicky on their names below: