Development Blog: Week 2

Development Blog: Week 2

April 16th, 2017

Lots of changes this week, the most prominent is the new login system on the homepage which you can read more about [here]

Site version: 1.2
Chat Version: 1.1

New things

  • Adjusted chat sizing slightly
  • Added more homepage videos and removed inline styling
  • Added user login and registration system
  • Added forgotten password system
  • Added spam protection for registration and login systems
  • Started adventure mode
  • Extended messaging spam protection
  • Pushed Unread Private messages to the top of the list
  • Unread conversations now show a tint in the conversation list
  • Adjusted “unread” tint on notifications and messages to match site aesthetics
  • Gave Teabot a subscription
  • Youtube Embeds with timecode will now start from time code
  • Added /version command to chat
  • Adjusted blog styling slighty
  • Made things more… circular…
  • Re-launched game servers
  • Toggle light / dark chat


  • Fixed shit colours for subject change and newbie in dark chat
  • Fixed issue when clicking shared content link in chat and it not opening a new window
  • Fixed inverting colours for mobile / light theme users
  • Fixed mobile only socket data
  • Fixed youtube channel / non video embeds
  • Fixed Twitter issue when linking someones twitter directly it would always show Social Savanna’s
  • Fixed PM Counter and notification when clicking an unread conversation
  • Fixed scrolling only a mother can love
  • Fixed Blog comments not allowing replies