SoSa Plays – Golf With Your Friends!

SoSa Plays – Golf With Your Friends!

September 5th, 2017

Footage from our Golf with Your Friends meetup where we all try to not come in last place as the worst shape possible – acorns. Our frustrations are at an all time high as acorns seem to not be very aerodynamic. Not only are they difficult to maneuver across the entire map, they are worst when near the hole itself. “Ena you really need to learn to roll an acorn!” This game is always followed with hilarious innuendos “Where is the hole?!” “I think I just took the lead”… Laugh along with us as we reach, really pathetic scores. (A 171 is a great high score right?!)

Golf With Your Friends: 26/3/2017 (

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Golf With Your Friends:

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