Official UK Meetup – Take 2!

Official UK Meetup – Take 2!

July 20th, 2015

Following on from the awesome meetup in London at the start of July, we’re going to have another official meetup, but this time in Bristol, our home city!

Anyone who’s not been to Bristol before: it’s easy and cheap to get to from most places (we have a proper train station, bus station, and international airport). It’s a lot cheaper and we can continue our shenanigans late into the night, with some places staying open until 5/6am.

We’ll meet in Castle Park at 14:00 and then see where the day/night takes us.





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This is an alcohol-free zone. What this means is bring/have alcohol at your own risk. If an officer asks you to stop drinking, or asks for you alcohol and you refuse, you may be fined. However, it’s not common to see police around the park.


Friday Night

I know there are a few people in Bristol, so I would suggest meeting at 20:00 at the Wetherspoons/Commercial Rooms, Corn Street (