Android App Updates!

Android App Updates!

February 14th, 2015

Hey everyone!



In two weeks’ time we turn one year old! Dances.

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There is a free pro subscription in it for any we use!


Android App Updates

Lots of updates. If you had any problems previously, they should be fixed now… we hope… maybe… you smell nice today…

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“So, What’s Been Done?” You Ask. Well, My Frisky Feline Friend!

*     Fixes for Nexus and latest Android versions (causing crashes, chat bugs, etc)
*     Comments added to profiles and meetups
*     Location-search on profiles and meetups
*     You can create meetups
*     “Ask Imgurians Stuff” area added
*     Notifications
*     Subscriber features (colours, who’s viewed you, etc)


Site Updates

We’re doing updates for the next few weeks, starting Monday. Please forgive us for any unexpected down time whilst this happens.

Updates may or may not include:

*     Lots of performance enhancements
*     Interface changes to make it slicker and a lot easier to use
*     Easier control over your profile and privacy
*     Breaking profile pictures a little bit more
*     Achievements
*     Huge updates to the mobile interface
*     Lots of Secret Squirrel stuff
*     Spelling and grammatical corrections

Sips Red Bull and strokes an invisible cat

James, Andy, Kalli, Dec, and Sam